Optimalization Village Police Programme For Implementation Community Policing To Obtain Secure Situation In Purwakarta District

The characteristic of Purwakarta community are agricultere society, has hig sensitivy in religion and race conflict biside politic and security intervention. That facts asking Police Department to take on strategic steps to answering the challenge and anticipation the problems. The pre emptif procedure that using by Polri it is not fullfil the society need properly and tend to reflected power relationship thus it is need to  be suitable. The policy of community policing through village police program is new innovation for optimalization community policing that implemented in Purwakarta. It purpose to preparing village police as guardian of society culture, security agent and development agent in security.
This paper using analitycal description for problem solving and library research. It is process  describe situation through notice the problem indicator, recording the facts, phenomena and others to be analyzed and interpreted for indentifying the problems and finding solution. This paper using kualitative approach based on strategic management and organization performance.

The optimalization village police by Purwakarta district police is on progress eventhough still have deficiency particulary in facilities, human resources, financing and also system and method that used in village police programme. The recommendation are Chief of West Java Police Officer must give attention for cooperation between Purwakarta Government and Purwakarta District Police during this time, and not made temporary policy. Preparing the quantity and quality of  human resources to fit the village police programme in the future. Arrangement umbrella act to continuing this programme through setting up enacted law about organizing village police programme and completing with financing allocation.